Slim Devices Squeezebox
Squeezebox lets you easily access any song in your music collection, from any room in your home. It delivers pure digital sound without the hassle of shuffling through CDs. From its simple remote control, Squeezebox gives instant access to any music on your computer, plus hundreds of crystal-clear internet radio stations.

Enjoy superior sound quality
Squeezebox features a high fidelity 24-bit Burr-Brown™ DAC, legendary in the audiophile community for their clean output and ultra-low distortion characteristics. Digital optical, coax, and analog connectors can plug into any home theater, stereo or amplified speakers.

Locate players far and wide
With built-in support for true 802.11g and advanced lossless compression technologies, you can locate your Squeezebox up to three times further from your wireless access point. Also, Squeezebox can serve as a wireless bridge, allowing other network-ready devices to connect through its ethernet port.

Synchronize music to more rooms
Broadcast the same music or independent streams to 2, 10 or even 20 rooms by adding Squeezebox players to stereos in each location.

Find Songs Faster
Browse and search 100,000 song libraries in seconds to find the perfect song for the perfect moment. Squeezebox’s user-friendly interface allows you to browse quickly through your whole music collection via custom remote controls or a web browser.

– Size 19.2cm wide x 9.3cm high x 8.0cm deep
– Display 320×32 VFD display
– Processor 250 MHz 8-way multithreaded RISC processor
– Memory 64MB RAM
– Program Flash 16MB
– Power Input 5.0V DC, regulated
– Remote Standard 38Khz IR

– Lossless Formats Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA Lossless
– Uncompressed Formats AIFF, WAV, PCM
– Compressed Formats MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA

Analog RCA Output
– Connection Gold-plated RCA connectors
– DAC High fidelity Burr-Brown™ 24-bit DAC
– SNR >100dB
– THD <-93.5dB (0.002%)

Digital S/PDIF Outputs
– Optical Connection TOSLINK 660nm
– Coax Connection RCA, 500mVpp into 75 ohms
– Sample Rates 44.1Khz, 48Khz
– Intrinsic Jitter <50ps

Headphone Output
– Connection 3.5mm stereo jack
– Min. Impedance 16 ohm
– THD <0.03%
– L/R Crosstalk Attenuation 92dB

Wireless Network
– Standard Wi-Fi 802.11g
– Encryption WPA Personal, WPA2-AES and 64/128-bit WEP

Ethernet Network
– Speed 10/100Mbps
– Connection CAT5 RJ-45 connector

System Requirements
– All System 256MB RAM, ethernet or wireless network, and 20MB hard disk space
– Macintosh Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later
– Windows 733Mhz Pentium running Windows NT/2000/XP
– Linux, BSD, Solaris & Other Perl 5.8.3 or later